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Certified Advanced Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Brittany Bejarano, the owner of B-Fit Naturally. I’m a Certified Advance Sports Nutritionist with a background in holistic, pre/post-natal, and child nutrition and Personal Trainer. I have worked with clients, both in person and online, in the North Scottsdale area for the past decade and have been committed to researching and implementing nutrition and supplementation practices for over 15 years. I have a BA in Management and Communications from the University of Phoenix, a certification in Advance Sports Nutrition from Shaw Academy and a Personal Trainer.

How I got to where I am today!!

It all started at 9 years of age as a very chubby little girl. Fortunately, my parents were friends with a couple that were bodybuilders and personal trainers. I was in awe of them! So, I went up to the lady and asked, “What can I do to look like you? She giggled and simply said, “Change one thing at a time, start with soda. Drink water instead”. I thought ok, that seems easy enough! Give me a break, what kid will follow through with not drinking soda? As you guessed, shortly after, I went right back to having soda! Let’s be real, it tasted better than water AND when you tell yourself, “I can’t have soda”, I can’t have soda”, I can’t have soda”, what are your constantly thinking of…SODA!!

As time passed, like most kids and teenagers, I fluctuated up and down with my weight. At age 21, I had quite a wake-up call. Over the course of 6 months, for no explainable reason, my clothes had ALL gotten tighter. I made THE most dreaded decision: step on the scale. Holy CRAP (It’s not what I really said), I had gained over 30 lbs!!! I did what probably every woman does when this happens…I got depressed. I then realized that I was already depressed. I was depressed with my job and found myself going to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, Starbucks for a Vente Carmel Frappuccino, Burger King for lunch, and most days skipping dinner. Yes, we think that it is impossible to gain weight and might even lose weight by skipping meals, right? Wrong!!! (I explain this in my program). I was also tired all the time, then I got tired of being tired, then I got tired of the feeling of being tired! AND NOW I’m OVERWEIGHT?

I decided then to do something drastic; I’m going to do my first ever, Fitness Bikini Competition! I had 9 months to prepare, I had NO idea what I needed to do, so I signed up with a coach. I was committed! I worked my ass off! I trained 5-6 days a week, I went on a super strict diet that my coach provided. I ditched the sugar, stopped all alcohol, and coffee. I lost all my excess weight, gained muscle, and saw my body in a way I had never seen before! I won 1st place in my division and second overall! Holy crap, I did it!

That accomplishment was one of my proudest moments and will stay
with me forever!

But, now what? The moment I finished my competition, all I wanted to do was to eat everything I had eliminated from my diet over the course of those nine months. And that’s exactly what I did. The coach got me to the competition, but offered nothing, no tools or guidance, for me to do after it was over! Nobody can stay on that type of diet all the time AND it’s not healthy!!!

Six months or so after the competition, I had regained some of my weight back even though I continued to work out. But it wasn’t the weight gain that affected me this time, it was how crappy I felt. First thing in the morning, I woke up feeling dead tired and all I could think about was making sure I got up early enough before work to buy coffee. When it was “that time of the month”, my menstrual cramps were worse than ever! I started having panic attacks and heart palpitations, my joints were hurting, and the list kept growing. I was so completely freaked out that I went to doctors, only to hear them say they couldn’t find anything, that I was healthy, and to not have so much caffeine. Well needless to say, “That didn’t help at all!!!”

I decided right then to take charge of my own health. I spent hours researching and trying different diets such as The Keto diet, The Fat Flush diet, Flexible Eating diet, HCG, etc. Nothing worked! Yes, I lost weight, but nothing stopped my joints from aching, anxiety attacks, exhaustion, and heart palpitations, but I never gave up on my research. Finally, I was able to pinpoint my issues. I had Adrenal Exhaustion from a diet of deprivation and burn out from the extreme measures I was given by my competition coach. This diet of deprivation is like all the other diets you find out there. My body was also in a state of stress, causing elevation in my cortisol levels that threw off my other hormones.

After a year and a half of working on myself, I was completely re-healed. I did it with food, natural supplementation, hormonal balance, rest, and discovered what my genotype was. That was the moment I knew my purpose; to show women and men that the body is whole, unlimited, and incredibly amazing! When given the right tools, exercises, nutrients and rest you can heal every part of your body “naturally” and without depriving yourself!

In March 2017, my husband and I gave birth to our beautiful little man, Orion. Like most pregnancy and postpartum, I experienced everything from water and weight gain to muscle loss. I applied everything I learned to see if I could get my body better than before. YES, IT WORKED!!! Not only that, but I also competed again in another bikini fitness competition in February 2020! Unfortunately, I didn’t win the competition, but I still placed in top 5 and I won something far more important than a trophy. I WON my body back by building more muscle and less body fat all without causing hormonal imbalances and without depriving myself. I WON greater confidence knowing how our bodies work and that my program works, really works! AND I WON for YOU!!! My program is not a one-size-fits-all. It works with all body types, genders, and ages. It will work for you!!!

In January 2022, we had our beautiful girl, Kalea. This time I was ready to approach this pregnancy with all the knowledge and confidence I had learned and apply it to this pregnancy and postpartum. It was completely different! I was amazed at how my pregnancy went. I gained the right amount of weight, experienced no joint pain, maintained and gained muscle, and was able to give birth to my baby girl the way I had envisioned. My postpartum was a bit different, but in applying everything I knew, I’ve been able to lose all my postpartum weight, regained my energy, and continue having no joint pain all without depriving myself. To all my ladies out there, you can have this too! Whether you are looking to get pregnant, are pregnant, or any amount of days/weeks/years postpartum, you can experience a healthy pregnancy and postpartum without the deprivation as well.

So, if you are TIRED of:

      • Starving yourself
      • Trying to find the right “commercial” diet
      • Following diet plans that try to fool your body into losing weight (leaving you hungry)
      • Trying “Quick Weight Loss” programs that NEVER WORK
      • Preparing and eating meals you would NEVER Serve Your Family
      • Spending more time and money on what “doesn’t work”
      • Workout programs that leave you feeling exhausted with no results

AND…you are READY to:

        • Try my program that works “NATURALLY” for and with your body
        • Feel like what you are doing is ACTUALLY healthy for you
        • Have a program that easily becomes a natural way of life for you
        • work with me, a person that puts YOU first, not the program!
        • Have meal plans that your ENTIRE family can enjoy and benefit from
        • And enjoy the success of getting healthier, stronger and better than ever

Then, I WANT to work with you!!!

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