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Brittany Bejarano, owner of B-Fit Naturally, is a renowned Certified Holistic Nutritionist, soon to become a Naturopathic Practitioner, and esteemed Personal Trainer. Brittany has dedicated over a decade to empowering her clients through both in-person and online consultations and training. She holds a BA in Management and Communications along with specialized nutrition certifications. Brittany's expertise is fortified by her commitment to ongoing research in nutrition and supplementation, ensuring her clients achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

My Story

Our stories might be the same!

It all began when I was nine years old and I was a very chubby little girl. Fortunately, my parents were friends with a couple of bodybuilders and personal trainers. I was in awe! So I approached the lady and asked, “What can I do to look like you?” She laughed and simply said, “Change one thing at a time; begin with soda. “Drink water instead.” I thought, okay, that seems simple enough! Give me a break. What child will stick to his or her decision not to drink soda? As you might expect, I quickly resumed my soda consumption! Let’s be honest: it tasted better than water. And what do you think of when you tell yourself, “I can’t have soda,” “I can’t have soda,” “I can’t have soda”? SODA!!

I fluctuated in weight over time, as do most children and teenagers. I received a rude awakening when I was 21 years old. My clothes had become increasingly tight over the course of six months, for no apparent reason. I made the most dreaded decision: get on the scale. Holy crap (not exactly what I said), I’d gained over 30 pounds!!! When this happens, I probably do what every woman does:. I became depressed. I realized I was already depressed. I was depressed about my job, so I went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, Starbucks for a Vente Carmel Frappuccino, Burger King for lunch, and skipped dinner most days. Yes, we believe that skipping meals makes it impossible to gain weight and may actually cause weight loss. Wrong!!! (I explain this in my program). I was also tired all the time, then tired of being tired, and finally tired of the feeling of being tired! And now I am overweight?

I then decided to do something drastic: I’m entering my first fitness bikini competition! I had nine months to prepare and had no idea what to do, so I hired a coach. I was committed! I worked my tail off! I trained 5-6 days per week and followed a very strict diet prescribed by my coach. I gave up sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. I lost all of my excess weight, gained muscle, and saw my body like never before! I won first place in my division and second overall. Holy crap, I accomplished it!

That accomplishment was one of my proudest moments, and it will live with me forever!
But now what? When I finished my competition, all I wanted to do was eat everything I had eliminated from my diet over the previous nine months. And this is exactly what I did. The coach got me to the competition but provided no tools or guidance afterward! Nobody can stick to that diet all the time, and it’s unhealthy!!!

I had regained some of my weight about six months after the competition, despite continuing to exercise. But it wasn’t the weight gain that bothered me this time; it was how bad I felt. I awoke in the morning feeling exhausted, and all I could think about was getting up early enough before work to get coffee. When it was “that time of the month,” my menstrual cramps were at their worst! I began experiencing panic attacks and heart palpitations, as well as joint pain, and the list continued to grow. I was so freaked out that I went to the doctor, only to be told that they couldn’t find anything, that I was fine, and that I didn’t consume so much caffeine. Needless to say, “That didn’t help at all!!!”

I decided right then to take control of my own health. I spent hours researching and trying various diets, including the keto diet, the fat flush diet, the eating diet, and HCG. Nothing worked. Yes, I lost weight, but it did not stop my joints from aching, anxiety attacks, exhaustion, or heart palpitations. But I never gave up my research. Finally, I was able to identify my issues. I had adrenal exhaustion as a result of a deprivation diet, as well as burnout from the extreme measures prescribed by my competition coach. This diet of deprivation is similar to all other diets available. My body was also stressed, which raised my cortisol levels and disrupted my other hormones.

After a year and a half of self-care, I was fully healed. I did it through food, natural supplementation, hormonal balance, and rest, and I discovered my genotype. That was when I realized my mission: to show women and men that the body is complete, limitless, and incredible! With the right tools, exercises, nutrients, and rest, you can “naturally” heal every part of your body without depriving yourself!

In March 2017, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful son, Orion. I, like most pregnant and postpartum women, experienced a range of symptoms, including water retention and muscle loss. I applied everything I’d learned to see if I could improve my body. Yes, it did work!! Not only that, but I participated in another bikini fitness competition in February 2020! Unfortunately, I did not win the competition, but I finished in the top five and earned something far more valuable than a trophy. I regained control of my body by gaining muscle and losing body fat while avoiding hormonal imbalances and deprivation. I gained more confidence knowing how our bodies work and that my program works! I won for you!!! My program isn’t designed to be universally applicable. It is compatible with all body types, genders, and ages. It’ll work for you!!!

1st Place
Pregnant with Orion
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Kalea, our beautiful girl, was born in January 2022. This time, I was prepared to approach this pregnancy with all of the knowledge and confidence I had gained and apply it to both pregnancy and postpartum. It was totally different! I was astounded by how my pregnancy went. I gained the right amount of weight, had no joint pain, maintained and gained muscle, and was able to give birth to my baby girl as I had hoped. My postpartum experience was unique, but by applying everything I knew, I was able to lose all of my postpartum weight, regain my energy, and maintain no joint pain, all without depriving myself. All my ladies out there, you can have this too! Whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or have been postpartum for days, weeks, or years, you can have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum without deprivation.

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